Osmania Medical College Old Students Association Trust formed in the year 1995 

Trust contributed for the development of Osmania Medical College & Osmania General  Hospital till now 2 crores

Latest contributions for Osmania Medical College

1. R.O Plant for drinking water purpose worth Rs. 5 lakhs
2. Installed 2 New microscopes in Temporal bone Dissection Lab at Govt. E.N.T Hospital
3. E – library Maintenance Rs. 20,000/- per month with 32 systems
4. Maintenance of Garden Rs. 30,00/- per month
5. Dining Hall for Day scholars by 1979 Batch worth of Rs. 40 lakhs
6. Tennis court, Renovation of Anatomy halls, Auditorium annex by 1980 batch worth of Rs. 75 lakhs
7. For College development ( for parking tiles, sculptures, Gardening etc. worth for 40 lakhs
8. Renovation of wash rooms by 1981 Batch worth of Rs. 25 lakss
9. We have Guest House for accommodation for doctors from districts, examiners of OMC with minimal maintenance charges.
10.A.C. Seminar Hall with capacity of 200 members for C.M.E.s and departmental meetings.

Latest Contribution for Osmania General Hospital

  1. Central Monitoring system for Blood Bank worth of Rs. 5 lakhs  
  2. Cell counter for Lab worth of Rs. 4 lakhs 
  3. C.C. Cameras for of O.P Block worth of Rs. 1.5 lakhs 
  4. Contributed two Microscopes for Temporal Bone Dissection Lab for E.N.T.  Hospital worth of 5 lakhs
  • Conducting O.M.C. Alumni Day Celebrations 2nd Sunday of December every  year & Global Meet once in three years, where we have C.M.E, Sports and  Cultural Activities 
  •  Presentation of 29 Gold Medals to toppers in U.G, P.G & Super Specialties
  • Scholarship for Poor M.B.B.S Students (4 Students) 
  • We have 5000 doctors in the Alumni Association