Marco Polo is an undergraduate student organization of Osmania Medical
College focused on enhancing students’ knowledge of research and evidencebased medicine.
It aims to acquaint curious minds with the basics of research. Marco Polo seeks to
identify those with common interests in the field of medical research and gives
them a platform to interact and collaborate, with guidance from the faculty
advisory committee.
Marco Polo collaboratively works to promote undergraduate research as a part of
ICMR, and has expanded itself into different spheres, which include,

  • Med tech- a systematic approach to finding solutions for commonly encountered difficulties in the medical field, via a holistic approach of various specialities in science, which included inputs from a team of expert engineers, researchers as well as renowned and established practicing physicians.
  • Hosting a medical conference, collaborating with all the departments of medicine to address various approaches in the medical field and medical research.
  • Marco talks, a podcast, for students of both medical and non-medical fields.
  • Our medical journal reading club serves as a platform for healthcare professionals to stay updated with the latest advancements in medicine.
  • Through regular discussions and analysis of research articles, members are able to stay informed about evidence-based practices, emerging treatments, and scientific breakthroughs. By critically appraising these articles, the club enhances members’ skills in evaluating the quality of scientific literature and interpreting research findings accurately.
  • Moreover, the club fosters professional development by improving communication and presentation skills, expanding knowledge in specific medical areas, and facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • It also provides networking and mentorship opportunities, allowing members to connect with like-minded individuals, collaborate on research projects, and receive guidance from experienced professionals in their academic and professional pursuits.