• Introducing The Music Club of Osmania Medical College! Nestled within the heart of our prestigious campus, our club thrives as a vibrant community of talented musicians and music enthusiasts. Recognizing the pivotal role music plays in our fast-paced lives, particularly in the medical field, we strive to provide solace, inspiration, and a sense of unity through our shared passion for music.
  • The Music Club had its grand debut on the eve of Freshers 2022, thanks to the support and guidance of our esteemed Principal, Dr. P Shashikala Reddy. On this special occasion, our talented musicians and notable club members, Within our club, we foster an environment of inclusivity and support, welcoming both experienced performers and beginners eager to explore their musical talents.
  • Our regular jam sessions in our dedicated music room provide a platform for members to collaborate, learn, and grow together. We also actively participate in cultural events, further enhancing our musical prowess and leaving a lasting impact on our audience.
  • At The Music Club of Osmania Medical College, we believe in the healing power of music. Whether it’s the soothing tunes played by worried relatives before a surgery, the calming melodies accompanying a surgeon during a life-saving operation, or the adrenaline-filled tracks motivating a stressed.
  • Join us on this harmonious journey of melodies, where healing through music takes center stage. Together, let’s create a memorable and soul-stirring experience that resonates within us and beyond